Home fans - Ensure you have logged onto the site - you can only buy a ticket if you have an account.

In MOST cases, you can use a smart phone to display your tickets to the scanner on the relevant gate.


How to access your tickets using a smart phone

When you go to the ticket site: (https://sales.weymouthfootballclub.co.uk/index.php)

Go to your account on a smart phone: a small icon of a head and shoulders

Click on the Order History and details

You will see a list of the orders you have placed in date order with the latest at the top.

Select the Magnifying glass to see more details about that order

The second box down has the information:

Select the Download your invoice as a PDF file – your tickets are on the second page of the invoice – show these to the scanner when you go through the turnstile.


If COVID restrictions are in place and we have to complete Track and Trace - the following also apply:

When buying the ticket - you must follow this process:

  1. For each ticket type (Adult, Concession etc.) you MUST enter their names in the Attendee List box
  2. Press Save Attendees - you will then see the names you entered below the box you typed the names into.
  3. Select the Stand - It defaults to the Speedway End!
  4. Select the Ticket Type 
  5. Select the Quantity
  6. Add to Basket

Repeat this process for each other ticket type you wish to buy.